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    Circuit Building Blocks



Analog Circuits:

Analog building blocks are the fundamental elements for the transparent and flexible TFT integration systems, such as flexible panels, bio-sensing applications and electronic textiles. By integrating TFT-based building blocks, the product costs and processing complexity could be dramatically reduced. The so-called system-on-panel (SoP) or heterogeneous electronics system could integrate multifunctional circuits on a single chip. Consequently, it drives the demand of TFT-based peripheral circuits, including amplifying circuits, DAC, ADC converter and other feedback circuits. However, usually the TFT based circuits are leak of complementary components and are less stable compared with conventional CMOS circuit, which make the circuit design more critical.  Figure 1, 2 and 3 demonstrated simple TFT-based OPAMP circuit deign.

Digital Circuits:

For Thin-film Transistor (TFT) based large area flexible sensors, the high performance TFT-based Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs) are needed to locally convert weak sensing signals to robust digital signals, which realizes the weak sensing signals can travel through long distance to other circuit blocks. For some ADC circuits, Digital to Analog Converters DACs are also the essential components which convert the digital signals back to analog signals. Generally, TFT-based ADCs have three types of topology (Flash ADC, Sigma Delta ADC and Successive Approximation ADC), and the resolution of analog to digital conversion can be up to 6-bit.

Voltage and Current Sources: 


Thin-film transistor based voltage and current sources are aimed to replace or reduce the complexity of the external electrical sources for thin-film circuit systems. However, current circuit topologies are not suitable for TFT due to stability and other issues. Current studies on novel material TFTs are pushing the technology towards better performance. And new circuit topologies are being designed to either use or compensate the particular properties of TFT to achieve a stable and even temperature independent electrical source.


Besides these, we are also working on the rest of Analog & Digital Building Blocks:

     Ring Oscillator (RO), Mixer, Mux, DeMux, Filp-Flops, Anolog Filters (LPF, HPF, BPF), and so on.