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Recent Publications

C. Jiang, H. Ma, D. G. Hasko, X. Guo, A. Nathan, A Lewis-Acid Monopolar Gate Dielectric for All-Inkjet-Printed Highly Bias-Stress Stable Organic Transistors, Advanced Electronic Materials, 2017, 3, 1700029.

Y. Su, H. Ma and A. Nathan, LED-Assisted Degradation of Aromatic Organics Using Cu2O Photocatalysts, MRS Advances, 2017, 221: 1264-1270.

Y. Su, H. Li, H. Ma, J. Robertson and A. Nathan. Controlling Surface Termination and Facet Orientation in Cu2O Nanoparticles for High Photocat-alytic Activity: a Combined Experimental and DFT Study, CS Applied Material and Interfaces, 2017, 9(9): 8100-8106.

X. Cheng, S. Lee, R. Chaji and A. Nathan, Device-circuit interactions and impact on TFT circuit-system design, IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems, 2017 Mar, 7(1): 71-80.

S. Lee and A. Nathan, Subthreshold Schottky-Barrier Thin-Film Transistors with Ultralow Power and High Intrinsic Gain, Science, 354, 6310, 302-304, 21 Oct 2016.

C. Jiang, H. Ma, D. G. Hasko, A. Nathan, Influence of polarization on contact angle saturation during electrowetting, Applied Physics Letters, 2016, 109, 211601.

L. Feng, C. Jiang, H. Ma, X. Guo, A. Nathan, All ink-jet printed low-voltage organic field-effect transistors on flexible substrate, Organic Electronics, 2016, 38, 186.

H. Ma, Y. Su, C. Jiang, A. Nathan, Inkjet-printed Ag Electrodes on Paper for High Sensitivity Impedence Measurements, RSC Advances, 2016.

S. Gao, V. Arcos, A. Nathan, Piezoelectric vs. Capacitive Based Force Sensing in Capacitive Touch Panels, IEEE Access, vol.4, pp. 3769 - 3774, 14 July (2016).

Y. Su, A. Nathan, H. Ma, H. Wang, Precise Control of Cu2O Nananostructures and LED-assisted Photocatalysis, RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 84547-84552.

A. Nathan, S. Gao, Interactive Displays: The Next Omnipresent Technology [Point of View], Proceedings of the IEEE 104 (8), 1503-1507.

X. Cheng, S. Lee, A. Nathan, TFT Small Signal Model and Analysis, IEEE Electron Device Letters 37(7), 2016.

X. Cheng, S. Lee*, G. Yao, A. Nathan*, TFT Compact Modelling, IEEE Journal of Display Technology, May. 2016.

C. P. Tsangarides, H. Ma, A. Nathan, ZnO nanowire array growth on precisely controlled patterns of inkjet-printed zinc acetate at low-temperatures, Nanoscale 8, 11760 (2016).

M. Bagheri, X. Cheng, J. Zhang, S. Lee, S. Ashtiani, A. Nathan, Threshold Voltage Compensation Error in Voltage Programmed AMOLED Displays, IEEE Journal of Display Technology 12(6), June. 2016.

S. Lee, A. Nathan, Conduction Threshold in Accumulation-Mode InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors, Scientific Report (NPG) 6, 22567 (2016).

S. Gao, J. Lai, C. Micou, A. Nathan, Reduction of Common Mode Noise and Global Multivalued Offset in Touch Screen Systems by Correlated Double Sampling, IEEE Journal of Display Technology 12(6), 639 (2016).

S. Gao, D. Mclean, J. Lai, C. Micou, A. Nathan, Reduction of Noise Spikes in Touch Screen Systems by Low Pass Spatial Filtering, IEEE Journal of Display Technology (2016).

S. Gao, J. Lai, A. Nathan, Fast Readout and Low Power Consumption in Capacitive Touch Screen Panel by Down-sampling, IEEE Journal of Display Technology (2016).

A. Nathan, S. Lee, S. Jeon, R. Chaji, Oxide Thin Film Transistor Technology: Capturing Device-Circuit Interaction, Invited Talk in IEEE IEDM 2015, Washington D.C., Dec. 2015.

S. Lee, A. Nathan, S. Jeon, and J. Robertson, Oxygen Defect-Induced Metastability in Oxide Semiconductors Probed by Gate Pulse Spectroscopy, Scientific Report (NPG) 5, 14902 (2015).

S. Lee, A. Nathan, Y. Ye, Y. Guo, and J. Robertson, Localized Tail States and Electron Mobility in Amorphous ZnON Thin Film Transistors, Scientific Report (NPG) 5, 13467 (2015).

S. Lee*, S. Jeon, R. Chaji, and A. Nathan*, Transparent Semiconducting Oxide Technology for Touch Free Interactive Flexible Displays, Proceedings of the IEEE 103, 644 (2015).

H. Ma, Y. Su, and A. Nathan, Cell constant studies of bipolar and tetrapolar electrode systems for impedance measurement, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 221, 1264 (2015).

A. Nathan, X. Cheng, G. Yao, and S. Lee, TFT Modelling for Circuits Simulation, Invited Talk in International Thin-film Transistor Conference (ITC) 2015, Paris, France, Feb. 2015.

A. Nathan*, S. Lee*, S. Jeon, and J. Robertson, Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor TFTs for Displays and Imaging, IEEE Journal of Display Technology (Invited), Nov. 2014.

S. Lee, Physically-based Modeling and Parameter Extraction of Oxide Thin Film Transistors, Invited Talk in IEEE CAD-TFT 2014, Nanjing, China, Oct. 2014.

A. Nathan, Fast CAD of Oxide TFTs and Circuit, Plenary Talk in IEEE CAD-TFT 2014, Nanjing, China, Oct. 2014.

A. Nathan and S. Lee, Amorphous Oxide Electronics, SID Mid-Europe Fall Meeting, Stuttgart, German, Oct. 2014.

S. Jeon, I. Song, S. Lee*, B. Ryu, S.-E. Ahn, E. Lee, Y. Kim, A. Nathan*, J. Robertson, and U-I. Chung, Origin of High Photoconductive Gain in Fully Transparent Heterojunction Nanocrystalline Oxide Image Sensors and Interconnects, Advanced Materials, Oct. 2014.

C. Sun, A. Ahnood, S. Lee*, N. Mathews, S. Mhaisalkar, and A. Nathan*, Top Down Scale-up of Semiconducting Nanostructures for Large Area Electronics, IEEE Journal of Display Technology 10, 660 (2014).

B. Thakur, S. Lee*, A. Ahnood, S. Jeon, S. Sambandan, and A. Nathan*, Fourier Spectrum Based Extraction of Trap State Density in Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide Transistors, Applied Physics Letters 104, 203505 (2014).

A. Nathan and S. Lee, Oxide TFT Circuit Building Blocks and Design Tools, ITC 2014.

S. Lee*, D. Striakhilev, S. jeon, and A. Nathan*, Unified Analytic Model of Current-Votlage Behaviour in Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor TFTs, IEEE Electron Device Letters 35(1), 2014.

A. Nathan and S. Lee, Oxide Electronics for Imaging and Displays, ESSCIRC 2013.

A. Nathan and S. Lee, Modeling Current-Voltage Behaviour in Oxide TFTs combining Trap-limited Conduction with Percolation, C-TFT 2013.

S. Lee, Y. Yang, and A. Nathan, Modeling Above-Threshold Current-Voltage Characteristics in Oxide TFTs for Display Pixel Circuits,” SID Display Week 2013.

S. Lee, S. Jeon, and A. Nathan, “Modeling Sub-Threshold Current-Voltage Characteristics in Thin Film Transistors,” IEEE Journal of Display Technology 9, 883 (2013).

H. Ma, R. W. R. Wallbank, R. Chaji, J. Li, Y. Suzuki, C. Jiggins, and A. Nathan, "An impedence-based integratd biosensor for suspended DNA characterization," Scientific Report (NPG) 3, 2730 (2013).

S. Lee and A. Nathan, “Localized tail state distribution in amorphous oxide transistors deduced from low temperature measurements,” Appl. Phys. Letts., vol. 101 (2012) 113502.

S. Lee et al., “How to Achieve Ultra High Photoconductive Gain for Transparent Oxide Semiconductor Image Sensors,” IEEE IEDM 2012.

A. Nathan et al., “Flexible electronics: the next uniquitous platform,” Proc. IEEE (Centennial Issue), vol. 100 (2012) 1479-1510.

S. Lee*, A. Ahnood, S. Sambandan, A. Madan, A. Nathan*, "Analytical field-effect method for extraction of sub-gap states in thin film transistors," IEEE Electron Device Letts., vol. 33 (2012) 1006-1008.

S.-E. Ahn, I. Song, S. Jeon, Y.W. Jeon, Y. Kim, C. Kim, B. Ryu, J.-H. Lee, A. Nathan*, S. Lee*, G.T. Kim, U.-I. Chung, “Metal oxide thin film phototransistor for remote touch interactive displays,” Advanced Materials, vol. 24 (2012) 2631-2636.

S. Jeon, S.-E. Ahn, I. Song, C.J. Kim, U.-I. Chung, E. Lee, I. Yoo, A. Nathan*, S. Lee*, J. Robertson, K. Kim, “Gated three-terminal device architecture to eliminate persistent photoconductivity in oxide semiconductor photosensor arrays,” Nature Materials, 11 (Feb 2012).

A. Ahnood, Y. Suzuki, A. Madan, A. Nathan*, “Pulsed-radio frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition of low temperature silicon nitride for thin film transistors,” Thin Solid Films, vol. 520 (2012) 4831–4834.

M. Moradi, M. Pathirane, A. Sazonov, R. Chaji, A. Nathan*, “High overlay alignment for fabrication of flexible display backplane, IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology, vol. 8 (2012) 104-107.

S. Lee et al., “Temperature dependent electron transport in amorphous oxide semiconductor thin film transistors,” IEEE IEDM 2011.

S. Lee*, K. Ghaffarzadeh, A. Nathan*, J. Robertson, S. Jeon, C. Kim, I.-H. Song, U.-I. Chung, “Trap-limited and percolation conduction mechanisms in amorphous oxide semiconductor tfts,” Appl. Phys. Letts., vol. 98 (2011) 203508.

S. Lee*, A. Nathan*, M.-L. Lee, C.-A. Choi, “Analytical pinning-voltage model of the pinned photodiode in the CMOS active pixel sensor,” Journal of Sensor Science and Technology, vol. 20 (2011) 14-18.

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R. Martins, A. Nathan*, R. Barros, L. Pereira, P. Barquinha, N. Correia, R. Costa, A. Ahnood, I. Ferreira, E. Fortunato, “Complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology with and on paper, Advanced Materials, vol 23 (2011) 4491-4496.

I.W. Chan, M. Moradi, A. Sazonov, A. Nathan*, “150°C amorphous silicon thin film transistors with low-stress nitride on transparent plastic,” IEEE/OSA J. of Display Technology, vol. 7 (2011) 36-39.

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Y. Vygranenko, E. Fathi, A. Sazonov, M. Vieira, A. Nathan*, “Nanocrystalline p-layer for a-Si:H p–i–n solar cells and photodiodes,” Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 94 (2010) 1860-1863.

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